Customizing Your Naked Wedding Cakes

Customized Naked Wedding Cakes

While you are busy shopping for your dress at bridal boutique you need to keep in mind that you also need a cake. Naked custom wedding cakes are now becoming a trend. This is because of the Hollywood celebrities making use of it on their wedding celebration. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made use of naked wedding cake as their desserts on their wedding which transpired couple of months ago.

What is a naked wedding cake?

This is not a naughty cake or something. It is simply a dessert inspired from rustic ideas. It is naked because of the absence of its fondant. Thus, revealing the inner layers of the cake. To compensate for the fondant, bakers would usually accessorize this cake with fresh flowers, fruits and some decadents.

What is the strength of a naked cake?

Fresh look

Since naked cakes are not coated with different palette-fondant, it looks very refreshing into the eyes. Your eyes are not deceived by the colorful coating. You can see how the chiffon cakes are layered on every tier. With some berries and powdered sugar on it, its simple look is brought to the next tasty level. Usually, the fresh look of this type of cake is perfect for summer weddings.

Exotic combination

Naked cakes are all about raw flavors and ingredients. It is something that you don’t usually see being served in a table. You can actually combine different exotic flavors like berries, edible flowers, nuts, grapes, pecan, and many more. The possibility is endless as long as you are creative. What makes it more unique is it get rids of toppers which could be a little expensive. All you need to do is integrate minimalistic accents on its layers.

Naked custom wedding cakes are perfect consideration for unique and rustic wedding. This is a complete revolution against the traditional wedding cakes that you usually see. If you want to be different, make sure you check the design for naked cakes, check here